Brick and mortar Consumer Analytics and Ads Platform

We help physical and offline retailers to understand their customer's in-out of store behavior and boost their sales through effective offline to online retargeting.

We help physical and offline retailers to understand their customer's in-out of store behavior and boost their sales through effective offline to online retargeting.

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What We offer

In store metrics

Get your offline store customers retention, growth and churn rates

Geo & Demographics

Customers individual and aggregated geo & demographics analytics accross the states

Time analysis

Real time analytics for your store, Peak time, Recession time and Normal Time


Engaging your customers, get their actual feedback & talk to them direcly on the spot

Target & Re-Target

Offline to online retargeting for your customers all over the platforms

How can we help your business?

Retarget the In-store Missed Conversions online, Increase Conversion and Customer Loyalty, Optimize Store Operations and Staffing.

Your Offline Store Metrics

Transactions counts and foot traffic data are useful on their own, but looking at both metrics together (i.e. transaction count ÷ growth traffic) will give you much as it shows your conversion rate, we easily provide that metrics alongside handful metrics.

Store and branches growth rate

How are your branches are performing against each other, the growth rate and other beneficial metrics.

Retention and Churn rate

Your store retention rate and churn will give a clear visibility on the performance and what should be enhanced.

Cashback ROI

How much ROI are you getting on each transaction and overall, of the given cashback it’s a straight forward metrics for your earnings over the investment in each campaign.

Your offline store consumer demographics

Knowing your consumer demographics is really where data makes the difference. On your store expansion and retargeting options The more you know more about their movements patterns, work and living the easier to serve their needs better.

Learn where your audience homes by state

Through interactive map your customers are clustered into area according to their homes, helps you to get to know your customers better while completing your customers profiles.

Learn where your audience work

Through interactive map your customers are clustered into area according to their workplaces, knowing where your audience are working at helps in optimizing where your ads can be placed.

Learn how much each state drive revenues to your store

Your store top buying state residence and workers is momently updated so you can take better decisions in spending your next retargeting-targeting campaign budget.

Capture your visitor's feedback

Listening and adapting to customer's feedback, is what keeps them loyal and gives them a sense of responsibility towards your brand we just built you the perfect tool for capturing their feedback.

Incitivate user by cashback & get feedback

However filling a feedback can be hectic for the user, we incentivised the process, adding the sense of the urge to fill the form as part of their responsibilities.

Learn Measure what your visor like & dislike

Through a countified numbers know what your branches customers like or dislike in the things that matter store, service, cleanliness, staff and their complaints.

Chat and re-engage 'em

Engaging your customers for their positive/ negative feedback foreseeing an opportunity for a good word of mouth or preventing a small complaint from becoming a brand attack never been easier.

Target and retarget customers online again

Creating an Omnichannel to retarget your offline customers on online platforms was never been an easy or efficient it used to be a hectic job with lots of lots of manual work now you can retarget your customers across the different platforms on a click of a button.

Retarget them on facebook, twitter, google and other ads platforms

We brought all the campaigns creation and monetization to a single platform, create the retargeting campaigns once and select the platforms and get the campaigns running across all the platforms.

Understand and measure ads spending

Which campaign is driving traffic into your store, which are not. Where to spend more in the next campaign get accurate numbers updated momently so you can take better decisions.

Lavage data with AI and get New visitor using Lookalike audience creator

Getting new customers, might be a bit expensive and tricky task. Capture new customers matching your current customer's profiles.

Supported Ads platforms

Your Ads Will Be Running on Most Populer Ads Platforms

2+ Retargeting Options
+ Acquisition Budget Savings
6% Increase in Profits
0%+ Increased Retention Rate


01. How the platform is working?

Our platform uses different and various set of tools to help us opting-in your customers to the platform, and retarget them.

For your store customers it’s a simple cash back wallet application where they get loyalty cashback.

How they get the application it’s either your application or ours. They receive an opt-in notification when they purchase something from your store, to use the earned cashback.

Accessing our inclusive dashboard, you would be able to access the analytics and insights, and the retargeting options for the customers alongside various insights as demographics and more!

02.How are you getting the analytics?

Geomarketing (often referred to as geotargeting or location based targeting) has come to be the weapon of choice for countless brick-and-mortars in the past few years. Especially retail stores, supermarkets, restaurants and local events.

03.Which platforms can I run my ads on through platform?

The social media platforms, Facebook ads, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Snapchat, google ads and top publishers websites in the region.

04.Why should I use your platform and leave facebook ads?

First, you won’t and shouldn’t dump any ads platform unless you are not getting any outcome from. Second, through you are able to run optimized Facebook campaigns targeting the exact customers that bought from you earlier trying to re-sell upsell or cross-sell. So we don’t compete with Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat ads we are helping you to use your budgets more wisely when you aim to retarget your customers.

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