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Benefit from Convertedin innovative ads automation engine and reach out to thousands of audiences. Whether you’ve got an audience or not, we can easily generate suitable lookalike audiences, create data-based automated ads, then target and retarget them.

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Put Your Ads on Autopilot With Convertedin

Take the guesswork out of your ads; Convertedin can easily target your audience and boost your sales with our automated ad campaigns.

Reaching Out to the Right
Customers for Your Business

Convertedin aims to expand your audience base and reach out to newer ones. Through dynamic prospecting ad campaigns, our social media platform on Facebook checks your website or store visitors and creates a lookalike audience similar to them to target.

Retargeting Your Loyal

Convertedin doesn’t only take care of new customers but older ones as well. When customers visit your website or store, we motivate them to complete their purchases or buy similar products with dynamic retargeting ad campaigns on Facebook.

Build Your Ads Journey

Convertedin takes your ads journey seriously. Our system is detail-oriented, which is why every single step it takes is data-driven. We build and launch your ad campaigns based on our automated customer segmentation engine. For example, If you’re retargeting loyal customers, we make sure to create personalized ads based on their previous buying behaviors.

Unify Your Store Data in
One Place

Convertedin catalog intelligence option in our dashboard helps you keep your e-commerce business organized. For example, you can list your products in it with their prices. Not only that, but you can also edit your products’ images, descriptions, etc.

Check Out How Convertedin Has Been a Game-Changer for Our Customers, Skyrocketing Their ROI.

At first, we started to use Convertedin to grow our ROAS, but as it doubled, we discovered that it was just the beginning. Convertedin algorithms helped us reach out to the perfect customers and understand and retain them. Convertedin acted as a second team working to deliver the best results for Chefaa, not just another software we use.

Doaa Aref

CEO - Chefaa

Getting introduced to Convertedin was a major turning point for our business. From the first few days, we started seeing real insights about our customers, and after the first week, we noticed several conversions. Convertedin made marketing automation and dynamic ads easier with a visible ROI. It is a significant addition to any e-commerce business seeking growth.

Sally Emara

Head of e-commerce - eParkville

After using Convertedin, our revenues increased by 200%. In addition, we could reach our customers across Facebook, Google, and other social media platforms, all with no effort from our end. So if you're an e-commerce business, you've to use Convertedin.

Zakaria Ibrahim

Swimming Store Manager - Swimming Store

We've been working only on Facebook marketing, but its results were minimal until we started using Convertedin. It allows you to focus on the best creatives and audiences. Also, the control panel is easy to use, fast, and gives you a quick overview of your account performance.


Tmarat CEO

I tried multiple ad automation platforms, and we can say, for sure, that Convertedin is the best in terms of usability, setup, and results. We were getting a maximum of 5X ROAS, and within the first week, we got over 10x ROAS. I highly recommend it.


Natavis Owner

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